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I'm a (volunteer) councillor for the South Ward on Melksham Town Council
I am not affiliated to any party or grouping, but work in partnership.

I was elected in May 2021, for a four year term. I am sticking, after the election, to what I said before.
Environment ... Equality ... Openness
You can still find that at my campaign website at

Graham Ellis - Philosophies of working as a Town Councillor

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Working with others
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* I (Graham Ellis) stood for election to the Town Council for the Ward of Melksham South in the election of 6th May 2021. Thank you for voting me in as one of four councillors representing you for the next four years. There is a map of the ward on the "role" page.

* A vote for me was NOT a vote against anyone else. It is good to have a wide variety of views on the Town Council. I will be delighted to work in partnership with your other choices and have already (writing 12.5.2021) let all three know that.

* I have lived in the Wiltshire since 1981 and in the Melksham Area since 1999. I ran a business here in Melksham (this South Ward), bringing visitors to the area until a couple of years ago. I am now 'active retired' and have time, health, experience and energy to devote to helping the town I love run and grow in the best way for the next decade, with a view to leaving a legacy for later decades.

Representation of views

* Now that I have been elected, I will in general represent the views of all the electors in my ward and to a lesser extent across Melksham as a whole where they are common views. I will, however, make exceptions where I believe that such views are immoral, illegal or impractical, or if implemented would severly disadvantage others in our community. Should I be asked to help in these exceptional circumstances, I will suggest you contact one of the other three councillors for the ward, or perhaps your Wiltshire Councillor or Member of Parliament.

* I stood as an independent; I am not part of a political party or other grouping. However, I believe very much in partnership and will work with elected members of all political and non-political colours for the best good of the town, its residents, businesses and visitors.

* I have made no secret of my views over the years and they remain online and in the public record. I summarised them on the web site and included links back to previous writings there too. Nothing is being deleted for convenience.

* My views have been stable over the years - mostly unchanging, but a few may have changed based on gaining a deeper understanding of a subject, or due to changing life / world / town circumstances. I reserve the right to occasionally change my view as knowledge grows and that knowedge is very likely to grow fast now that I have been elected.

* In the run up to this election, I was happy to listen to views - and, elected am still listening.; I will be guided by those views as town services and development should be based on what the residents want.

* I believe that electors want their councillor to represent them and do the best for them and their town. And I believe that electors want to trust their elected representative. Which means that I was very open with what I wrote, and only making promises I intend to keep. Unexpected changing circumstances might cause some alteration (who would have predicted Coronavirus, for example, and that has chaged how some things are viewed) but for the most part, what you get as I wrote this as a manifesto will be what you get for the whole elected period.

* I believe in addressing the elephant in the room, even when that is uncomfortable. Let's not shy away from difficult questions.

Working with others

* I am a pragmatist and look to get the best effective results available to me and those with whom I'm working. Sometimes that will involve compromise, but I would rather get 75% of what I'm working for than hold out for 100% and get nothing.

* I admire the hard work and passion put in by many (but not all) exisiting councillors, and the support they get from many in the community. But I shudder at how a minority of our residents treat these people who give their time for free. That, together with a lack of available time and a patchy knowledge, has put me off in the past. However, I have the full support of my wife which gives me strength, and I'm a bit tougher too. Retirement brings me a bit more time though I'm hardly at a loose end, and in a 4 member ward I can usefully use my knowledge where I have it and refer people to their other better informed representatives where appropriate.


* So thank you for reading. Even if you didn't vote for me, I hope I succeeded in giving you food for thought in who you voted for and why. We can all work together to make this already-great town even greater, and come through the challenges of change in the decade ahead all the stronger.

Thank you for voting Graham Ellis onto Melksham Town Council

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