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Thank you for electing me as one of the councillors
for the South Ward on Melksham Town Council in May 2021, for a four year term.

I am sticking, after the election, to what I said before the election. You can still find that at my campaign website at

... a year on I have learned a lot. Still keeping you informed, still with the same philospohies though with some elements tune by what I have learned along the way. Now chair of Economic Planning and Develoment - looking forward to helping further to co-ordinate Melksham's future. Also on "Assets and Ameneties" looking after facilities like parks, play areas, the Assembly Hall and Town Hall, and "Community Development" nurturing local groups and supporting events and information flows.

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From my leaflet
Previous writings from "The Horse's Mouth" Blog
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Home page and • town diary
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Graham Ellis - background and • views
Philosophies of working as a town councillor
The Role of the Town Council and Councillors
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From my leaflet ...

I write "And I have been actively involved in various organisations, past and present" and here they are:


• Melksham Rail User Group, vice chair at
Station friends group at Melksham Station, also promoting train and bus travel

• Coffee Shop forum, webmaster at
Great Western Passenger forum - trains and public transport across the South West

• Option 24/7, committee member at
Looking to improve the effectiveness of our bus network. Big bus changes in the next 2 years

• TravelWatch SouthWest, board member at
Co-ordination of public transport groups across the South West of England

• The Well House Collection at
A "Museum for Melksham" though we really need something in the town centre

• West Wilts Rail User Group, committee at
Rail User Group for Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster and Melksham

• Well House Consultants Ltd, director at and
My IT training business and our Melksham Hotel. Still doing a couple of contact jobs!


Links and web sited for the following have moved on since my time with the organisation:
• Shadow Campus Operations Board (notes at
• Chamber of Commerce, President (notes at
• Save the Train, founder (retired page at
• Railfuture, director
• TransWilts CIC, board member (early notes at href=
• TransWilts CIC, Community Rail Officer
• Bath Bus User’s Panel, member

Previous writings from "The Horse's Mouth" Blog

I wrote some 4,500 articles on my Blog - "The Horse's mouth" in the 10 years up to 2017. Many of them remain relevant to this day - here are some categories you might like to follow:

on Politics and Religion
on Buses in Wiltshire
on Cycling and Walking
on Current Affairs
on the Chamber of Commerce
on the TransWilts CRP
on other organisations
on Melksham Campus
8 years back - introduction to Melksham

Social Media and feedback opportunities

Facebook - campaign page
Twitter - campaign account
Facebook - personal page
Great Western Coffee Shop forum - my latest posts

Other links of interest

the old front page from this site

Thank you for voting Graham Ellis onto Melksham Town Council

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